PhoneyBible 4.0

Application that allows you to read the bible on your phone

PhoneyBible is a java app for your mobile phone which lets you read the bible (in a variety of languages).

Phoney Bible allows you to choose the display font, size and the colors used.

You can choose which book, chapter and verse to jump to when you start, from there you can scroll though or go back and choose somewhere else to start.

PhoneyBible remembers where you were last time and all your settings so you can carry on were you left off, and you can add 'Favorites' to jump to specific verses.

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PhoneyBible 4.0

User reviews about PhoneyBible

  • by Anonymous

    Simplesmente fantástica, procurei tanto uma Bíblia para meu Samsung Star Tv, agora tenho a pala...   More